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January 2010

Colton Winterfest 10 Miler
Colton, NY 
Event website: http://www.northernrunner.org/colton10miler/

Colton Winterfest 10 Miler
Colton, NY 
Event website: http://www.northernrunner.org/colton10miler/

June 2010

Madrid Bluegrass Ramble 1/2 Marathon, 10k, 5K
Madrid, NY 
Event website: http://www.northernrunner.org/ramble/

August 2010

Hogansburg Duathlon August 20
Hogansburg, NY 
Event website: http://www.gotribs.org/

November 2010

Hobble Gobble Prediction Run/Walk
Potsdam, NY 

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