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2018 Race Results

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January 2018

Frozen Foote #2 January 13
Canton, NY 

c January 27
, NY 

cc January 27
, NY 

February 2018

Frozen Foote #3 February 10
Canton, NY 

March 2018

Frozen Foote #4 March 10
Canton, NY 

Shamrock 5K March 14
Potsdam, NY 

12th Annual Shamrock 5K March 21
Potsdam, NY 

12th Annual Shamrock 5K March 21
Potsdam, NY 

June 2018

Summer Sunset Series #1 June 12
Canton, NY 

July 2018

Summer Sunset Series #2 July 10
Canton, NY 

Tour De Potsdam July 12
Potsdam, NY 
Event Website

August 2018

5th Annual Brushton Fun To Run August 11
Brushton, NY 
Event Website

Summer Sunset Series #3 August 14
Canton, NY 

St. Lawrence Valley Paddlers Duathalon August 15
Canton, NY 
Event Website

September 2018

Star of the North 3k, 10k, Half, Marathon and Rela September 2
Malone, NY 
Event Website

December 2018

Frozen Foote #1 December 8
Canton, NY 

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